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“If you are a victim or a survivor of abortion abuse, you are not alone. We believe you, and we stand with you, and we're not going to abandon your experiences. And as a society, we need to end abortion abuse by treating it as the criminal act that it is." 

~ Brandi Swindell

Founder & CEO,

Stanton Healthcare


Are you experiencing abortion abuse? Seeking after-abortion care? There is hope.

Text or call to speak to a trained advocate today: +1 (804) 415-8943 or by completing the form below. All communication is confidential. We believe your experience. We stand with you. You are not alone.

Have you experienced abortion abuse? Having conflicting thoughts and emotions about a past abortion experience? Share your story.


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Join the movement to end abortion abuse!

I believe forced, coerced, and pressured abortions are abusive and criminal. I want to help bring an end to abortion abuse.

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