Led by Stanton Healthcare and Stanton Public Policy Center , the campaign to End Abortion Abuse is backed by a community of abortion abuse survivors, healthcare professionals, lawyers, researchers, patient advocates, legislators, medical experts, and others who are dedicated to supporting women through the complexities of abortion abuse and trauma.

Healing. Hope. Empowerment. Justice.

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Our collective goal is to provide space for sharing, healing and educating about the real tragedy of abortion abuse. Together, we advocate for recognizing and addressing the real trauma many face in silence.  

Through education, support, and advocacy, we strive to foster a community where no woman feels alone in her experience. We verify and document abortion abuse cases on a state, national, and international level.

“He held a gun to his head and threatened to kill himself if I chose to keep the baby. I felt trapped, terrified, and not sure what to do.”


We are currently working with state and federal legislators to implement laws which would criminalize forcing and coercing women into unwanted abortions. It is our hope that Congress will soon pass a national abortion abuse law which would criminalize those who pressure women into an unwanted abortion and provide women with civil remedies to seek justice and hold their abusers accountable. Our over 2,000 affidavits from abortion abuse survivors offer powerful testimony to the indelible trauma and unacceptable impact of coerced and forced abortions.


Stanton has launched a media campaign to educate the American public on the harmful and lasting impact of unwanted abortions on women (and men). We are encouraging millions of abortion abuse survivors to come forward with their personal stories and lend their collective voices in this fight for dignity, equality, and women’s rights.


Pregnant women should never be pressured or coerced. As part of the campaign to #EndAbortionAbuse, we are promoting change and a better way forward for women and their families. One of Stanton Healthcare’s clients, Abigail Morehouse, became pregnant while attending law school. Abby's school provided a clear way forward on how to support and stand with women who chose to keep their children while pursuing their educational goals and is a model for the nation in ending abortion abuse.

“There’s so much pressure on women to fit a mold and to fit a standard that is fairly impossible to reach. If you have the abortion, you’re applauded because you aren’t an inconvenience to society anymore. It just baffles me." 

~ Abby Morehouse,

Attorney & Mother


Are you experiencing abortion abuse? Seeking after-abortion care? There is hope.

Text or call to speak to a trained advocate today: +1 (804) 415-8943 or by completing the form below. All communication is confidential. We believe your experience. We stand with you. You are not alone.

Have you experienced abortion abuse? Having conflicting thoughts and emotions about a past abortion experience? Share your story.


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I believe forced, coerced, and pressured abortions are abusive and criminal. I want to help bring an end to abortion abuse.

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